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Brand architecture requires much more than a catchy slogan and a strong ad campaign. Long before messages and commercials are created, a brand development requires research, testing, and most of all, a comprehensive internal assessment designed to pull all behaviors into brand alignment - so the brand promise becomes a consistent customer experience. Our exhaustive Brand Architecture process creates a powerful and enduring market position that withstands competition, economic conditions and fluctuating consumer behavior.

Marketing firms are, by nature, very tactical entities. We thrive on the individual idea, the storyboard, the campaign. Rippe Keane Marketing is different. Like a good business consultant, we know that strategy precedes the tactical. So before we go off into the world of creative development, we work with you to make sure the guiding strategy is sound. From industry research to SWOT analysis, we not only offer a first-things-first approach. We insist on it.

Just what the world needs - another "consultant." But what other word would you use to describe a team that gets to your business so well that they can offer solid business advice on issues reaching far beyond the world of marketing and advertising? Business planning, human resources, employee care standards, operations - all of these ultimate impact your customers' experience, and as such, are fair game in the world of marketing.

"Pure Cause and Effect" demands a different approach to creative development and graphic design - one that may catch you a little off guard. At Rippe Keane Marketing, our Art Department is, surprisingly, not all that interested in art - at least not in the traditional ad agency sense. Here, graphic design works in tandem with larger goals and strategies, and so "creative" is defined as anything that works. That may include: - Corporate identity, branding, logo & graphics - Website design - Art direction and photography - Print advertising and collateral pieces - Sales materials and presentations - Management of printing projects

Today, there are more choices than ever and if you're like most people, you're spending less and less time with each of them. So the good news (niche targetability) is often offset by the bad news (consumers as moving targets). That means advertising strategies that worked 3 years ago may be ineffective for you today. Should your TV and radio campaign be replaced by Facebook and opt-in texting programs? Should your web banners be replaced by a strong organic search engine effort? At Rippe Keane Marketing, we scrutinize all the options available to you, and because we've been on the other side of the media desk, we can negotiate real value with media representatives, here in Madison and across the country.

A basic definition states that Public Relations is the practice of managing the flow of information between an organization and its publics. With that in mind, Rippe Keane offers a full array of Public Relations strategies: news releases, media kits, internal and external PR campaigns, crisis management, editorial opportunities and media relations training.

At Rippe Keane Marketing, we have a special passion for the written word. Crafting messages that encourage certain behaviors (like buying stuff from you) is an art form we take seriously. Often starting with a Brand Story and then evolving to both internal and external messaging, we develop messages that are meaningful and timeless - so the clutter of today's media is no match for our clients' story.

Beyond the traditional media of radio, TV, print and outdoor lives a vast, somewhat untested and occasionally scary world of new media - social networking websites, email marketing, text marketing and viral videos. In a world suddenly dominated by Facebook, mobile devices and Twitter, these highly-targetable digital outlets can connect marketers with core consumers for significantly less investment than traditional media - if you know how to navigate the stormy waters of the new and unknown. A solid new media plan, as a piece of a larger marketing strategy, can deliver basic publicity or tremendous hype; the hum of a brand message or a thunderous call to action; a wide-reaching net or a pinpoint lifestyle group. A less inspired strategy can be a complete waste of time and money. Let us show you the difference.